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10 tips on how to create more unusual wedding photographs

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1) Hands

A close up shot of your new wedding rings on entwined hands can be a powerful image.  With a little imagination and the right choice of background, you can create a stunning shot and really show off your new sparkle!

 FF B 1

2) Flowers & Face

Make the most of your bouquet and try a few fashion-style beauty shots.  A talented photographer will instantly find the most flattering light and angle for you, but ensure that your make up is perfect…

 FF B 2

3) Child’s Play

Ask all the children to gather in one place to create a photograph, and introduce props for them to hold, wear or generally display.  They almost certainly won’t sit still for long, so giving them a football or any kind of simple focal point will bring them together as a group and allow you to capture all kinds of charming moments.

 FF B 3

4) Pre-prepare

Bring sentimental objects to your reception to incorporate into your photographs.  The most charming we’ve seen is the cinema ticket from a couple’s first date resting against the flowers on the main table – but don’t be afraid to use larger items to add personal touches…

 FF B 4

5) The Sneakier the Better

Ask your photographer to secretly photograph your guests during dinner.  Natural photos of an unaware subject are the best, and you could well get some hilarious, romantic, sweet and one-off moments, against a dressed table and with the wine flowing.  Perhaps you could provide party poppers for some opportune mid-air colour splash shots!

 FF B 5

6) Select Reliable Individuals to Look After your Table Cameras

Are you putting cameras on the dinner tables so your guests can take some snaps of their own?  We’ve seen more of these cameras go missing than we care to remember – so make sure you assign responsibility to someone on each table for them!

 FF B 6

7) DIY

You can provide picture frames, props, signs and bits of scenery to create a ‘dedicated photo point’ area.   Your guests will have lots of fun building their own ideas, and it’s a great opportunity for your photographer to coax the more retiring individuals among your party into posing for a great picture.

FF B 7

8) Utilise Your Most Expensive Prop

Make the most of your wedding car!  Don’t be afraid to lie across it, ask if you can sit on the roof, or ask if the two of you can sit behind the wheel for a more unusual shot.

FF B 8

9) Think outside the Venue

Are there any places on your way to & from the venue that would provide a good photo op, or somewhere that means something to you sentimentally?  You may think you’re too pushed for time to visit another destination for photographs on your wedding day, but remember, this is the only opportunity you’ll ever get to visit the spot in your dress, and you may well regret not taking the 20 minutes out of your day for a quick detour that will end in a lasting memory.

FF B 9

10) Tender Moments

A close up shot of a mother putting pearls around her daughter’s neck on the day of her wedding is a really poignant and beautiful moment.  For the groom, you could have a shot of his father fastening his cufflinks – they’ll look fantastic in twin frames on your new mantelpiece.


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