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6 top tips to help you choose a private dining room

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Meetings are a fact of business life but there’s nothing to say they have to take place in an office. Hiring a private dining room is a great alternative if you want to get away from the formal atmosphere of a meeting room or boardroom.

The more relaxed restaurant ambience will make the meeting more sociable, enabling you to build a relationship while you chat over lunch or dinner. When it comes to discussing business, doing so in a less pressured environment may lead to a better outcome all round.

That said, finding a suitable private dining room in London or elsewhere in the UK is not as easy as all that. Spoilt for choice with wonderful restaurants, swanky bars and exclusive clubs, there are so many options all over the country that it can be hard to know where to start.

Are you looking for opulence and exclusivity to impress your dining companion? Is total privacy your first concern? Are you envisaging a private dining room in a hotel or restaurant or somewhere more quirky and unusual? What about the exact location, and your dietary preferences?

You need to make sure you choose exactly the right venue for your event, so here are 6 tips to help you do just that.

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1 – Keep a list of your favourite venues

Have you been to any good bars or eateries recently? Where are your favourite go-tos? Do you know of any new restaurants opening in the vicinity? Keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the pulse as you scope promising new venues. That way, when it comes to thinking of where to go, you have a few ideas up your sleeve already.

2 – Get a good idea from the reviews

If any of the venues you are considering are new to you personally, reading customer reviews can give you a good insight into what to expect. You want to be convinced that your chosen private dining venue is all that it claims to be and that customers are wowed by the quality of the food, the attentiveness of the service and the general ambience.

3 – Work out your budget in advance

Have a clear idea about your budget to help you decide the type of venue that is right for you. Work out a realistic price per head and use this as the basis for comparing costs between venues. Make sure you factor in both food and drink, especially if you’re entertaining clients, so that the bill when it arrives isn’t too much of a shock.

4 – Contact a professional venue finder

To really get to grips with the vast choice of great private dining venues, it makes sense to get professional help. The highly experienced team of venue finders at Function Fixers have a vast database of private dining rooms in London and beyond at our disposal, plus the expertise to negotiate the best prices on your behalf. And speaking of money, we don’t charge a penny for our venue finding services!

5 – Teamwork will get you the perfect venue

Share your brief for your next private dining event with us and we’ll get started on the search for your perfect venue straight away. Are you after a completely private dining room or a semi-private space, perhaps screened off from the main restaurant? How many guests, what about the room configuration and any special requirements? We will ask all the right questions on your behalf to make sure you get exactly what you need.

6 – Pay a visit and make a booking

Before you make a commitment, it’s a good idea to visit the dining venue to see for yourself if it’s suitable. Function Fixers can make all the arrangements, and negotiate the best deal should you choose to make a booking. Our team never leave anything to chance, which is why we will finalise everything in good time, talking through all the details one more time with the venue to make sure that nothing has been forgotten.

At Function Fixers, our aim is to find you the perfect private dining venue for your business event. Whether you’re looking for a venue for an important job interview, for client entertaining or for catching up with senior executives, call Function Fixers today on 020 7186 8686.

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