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Blank canvas venue vs traditional event venue

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When you’re looking for a venue for an event, you may already have an idea in mind about whether you’re considering a blank canvas venue or a traditional event venue. There are a few things to think about thought, because each option has its own merits.

The obvious pro to a blank canvas venue, such as The Electrician’s Shop and Lambert’s Yard is that you can completely create the space to your liking. It is versatile and you can hold pretty much any kind of event or function there. This option is generally a particularly good one for events such as art exhibitions, fashion shows, product launches and trade shows. You can find a wide variety of styles, from old converted warehouses and barns to modern industrial buildings.

It may seem cheaper too to go for the blank canvas option, and the venue itself most likely will be, but don’t forget that you will have to fund everything separately on top of the venue hire cost. You need to think about what kind of event you are holding and everything that you require. Will it be a party, where you’ll be providing food and drink? Will you want to find the caterers yourself, or does the space even have a kitchen or food preparation area? Do you need a DJ? Or is the event an exhibition or corporate function requiring AV equipment? This will not be provided by a blank canvas venue, although, as with food, a supplier list is sometimes provided. Do you require staff? You will need to hire staff yourself, and, unlike a traditional venue with permanent staff, they have to learn the ropes around a venue which is most likely new to them.

So, with a blank canvas venue you certainly have more flexibility regarding layout, type of event and everything else chosen by yourself, but the things to bear in mind are that you will have to put in the extra time to source what you need and costs will inevitably exceed venue hire cost. But overall a great choice for versatility with fabulous and unique spaces dotted around all over the place.

Traditional venues are often a good choice for board meetings, corporate events, dinner parties and weddings etc. where you might not require such a versatile space. You will generally use caterers provided by the venue if you require food, and most facilities and equipment are likely to be included. There is such a huge variety of traditional venues to be considered, too, from quirky hotels such as Crazy Bear, unique conference centres such as The Vox, Birmingham and contemporary restaurants such as Drake & Morgan at King’s Cross to fascinating museums such as The Science Museum, cinemas such as Vue and stadium hospitality such as Elland Road. Traditional venues will have their own staff, so that’s one less aspect to think about, plus you have the bonus of them knowing exactly how things work at the venue already. Hire costs are almost certainly going to be more than the cost of hiring a blank canvas venue. Sometime it’s preferable though to be paying one price for everything, though you may not necessarily be tailoring your budget to suit your exact needs.

Really what it comes down to is what kind of function you are holding, what your budget is like and how much versatility you would require. Either way, the variety of venues out there on both ends of the spectrum is huge, it’s almost impossible to not find something that suits your needs!


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