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Business and pleasure: 4 fun and wacky team building events

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Coworkers Stacking Fists While Standing In Forest

Corporate team building events should be an interesting combination of fun and work. It’s a morale booster for your staff to spend a day away from the office ‘playing games’, and a great opportunity to build relationships and increase team cohesion. But rather than a few pints on a Friday evening or the occasional team lunch, how about doing something a bit more out of the ordinary?

At Function Fixers, we come across all sorts of requirements for corporate clients who want to do something enjoyable for their team, while getting value for money out of their event. Here are four of the most unusual team building events we’ve come across recently.

Human Curling

Last seen on BBC’s The Apprentice with Alan Sugar giving a reward to the winning team, Human Curling looks like a lot of fun and games. What is it, you may well wonder? Well, take the popular winter sport ‘Curling’ and play it with oversized rubber doughnuts manned by actual humans who propel themselves towards a huge bullseye some 20 metres away, and there you have it. Obviously, the closer you get yourself to the target, the more points are scored. Also known as Go-Nutting, here’s a video of some people in action.

The latest crazy sport originating deep in the French Alps, you can now go Go-Nutting in the heart of Central London, with a 60-minute on-ice experience for up to 40 participants divided into competing teams. Why not give us a call on 020 7186 8686 to find out more?

Soap Box Derby

Kid Steers Delorean Mockup In Atlanta Soap Box Derby Event

Here’s a fun filled team building event that has your boy/girl racer teams design and build their own race vehicles and then race them against each other. Whether it’s a box on wheels, pram- bed- or-bathtub based creation, each team will be given a workshop with blueprints and tools needed for design and construction. Get creative with the finishing touches and earn a better place on the grid a reward.

After showing off the results of their labour in a procession towards the race track, the main event is the action packed race where the cars’ mettle is tested or speed, endurance and, well, fitness for purpose.

I’m An Employee, Get Me Out Of Here!

Based on the hit TV show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, this is a truly thrilling team building event that will have your team working together and communicating effectively in no time, and in a very different environment than back in the office!

Held at ‘Jungle Island’, an island venue in Scotland’s beautiful Loch Lomond, the group is divided into teams and will be required to compete in a series of themed trials to win yellow starts, just like they do in the well known TV show. There’s snakes, reptiles and spiders to deal with and the ‘bush tucker’ food is provided by a Mongolian BBQ restaurant features delicacies including kangaroo, crocodile and frogs’ legs.

If this sounds like the perfect event for your team, we can help you organise it.

Human Sheep Herding Games

Have you ever wondered how shepherds control their flock of sheep? Well, you’re about to find out, except with people for sheep. This hilarious but effective team building activity is perfect for building trust, communication skills and team bonding.

Herds move together in a group, navigating whatever obstacles they come across. Rather than verbal communication (that would be boring!), you will learn to communicate with your team members using specific noises instead. There’s bound to be much laughter and hilarity, plus useful stimulation of your mental dexterity and knowledge to get to your goal.

Sheep and lambs on pasture

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