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How to choose the perfect engagement ring

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Oh, chaps.  What a difficult and terrifying thing this can be.  Popping the big question is one of the scariest and most nerve-racking things a fella can do, and we fully understand (having guided many, many men through this process) how important it is to you to get this absolutely right.  While we’ve usually helped with finding romantic hotel getaways, intimate river cruises, sourcing public locations for large-scale surprise proposals and even booked private pods aboard the London Eye with champagne and canapés, one thing is always constant – there has got to be a ring, and that ring has got to be perfect.


While most traditional engagement rings come with a clear, uncoloured diamond, more and more future grooms are now embarking into the realms of the more unusual – sapphires, rubies, emeralds and so on.  This can be a risky strategy, as one important practical detail is often overlooked; will it go with her wardrobe?  For example, there’s not much use in buying a deep red stone when it will just clash with all of her pastel-coloured clothes.  The solution is simple – wait until you have the house to yourself, open her cupboard and take note of the most common colours among her garments.  Then, inform the jeweler of the scheme, and they should have the know-how and savvy to recommend the right stone to match her tastes.  If they don’t, we suggest you move onto a different shop – as this should be a common and instantly answerable question to any goldsmith worth their salt!



The main thing to remember about engagement rings is that your fiancé will wear it for the rest of her life.  This means that it must be practical for everyday wear, so anything that will snag on clothes, tangle hair, scratch the skin or be a nuisance in any way is to be strictly avoided.  Try and choose a ring that has nothing sticking out of it, no harsh angles and definitely nothing that protrudes too far away from the finger.  If you can afford to get her a full-on rock (and she’s an awfully lucky girl if you can), be careful to ask the jeweler about rounding off the corners of the stone, and ensure that the clasps are fixed right down so that nothing (mainly hair) can get caught underneath them.



This is an essential detail that could make or break your moment.  Having a ring fall right off the finger due to being too big is horrible – your lady will want to wear it as soon as she sees it, and it’s a heartbreaking procedure to have to put it in her pocket and wait for a fortnight for it to be re-sized.  Equally, at the critical ‘yes’ moment, not being able to get too small a ring onto a finger is, frankly, a little embarrassing… not to mention a terrible way to ruin the atmosphere.  Getting her size is essential.  You could risk looping a piece of string around her finger while she’s asleep, marking the measurement and bringing that to the jeweler, but we’d only recommend this if she’s a very deep sleeper.  Some people seem to think it’s effective to take a photograph of her hand to take on a shopping trip, hoping that an expert will be able to guess her ring size, but obviously, that very rarely works.  We suggest that you take careful notice of the other jewelry that she wears, and keep a hawk’s eye looking out for her putting any ring onto her fourth finger on her right hand.  Generally, this finger and its opposite (wedding finger) are around the same size – so it’s simply a case of carrying out some good-natured, light-fingered thievery, taking that ring to the shop with you, and handing it over for measurement.  It’s the only sure way of getting the best guess you can at her size while making sure she can’t guess what’s going on.


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