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Why would you consider using a Venue Finder?

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So what exactly is a venue finder?  The name makes it pretty obvious, but how exactly does a venue finder work?  You just write your brief and they do their magic and find you a venue that fits perfectly with your brief, your brand and your requirements?  What are the benefits of using a venue finder rather than doing it yourself?

What are the benefits of using a venue finder?

Most venue finders worth their salt will save you time, effort and money so that you can focus on the event itself.  They have an enormous amount of knowledge of venues and have the skills for scouting venues wherever you may need them.  Add to this their great network of venues from past events, how successful each venue was and the pros and cons of each one, their experience and input can be invaluable.

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Take the stress out of finding a venue

It can be very stressful, trying to be sure that you have chosen the correct venue for your event – imagine how much work it would be to scout venues based on capacity, location, amenities, cost and environmental factors.  Venue finders do all of this for you, therefore saving you time, money and a great deal of stress.

How to save time on venue finding

Time is something that we never seem to have enough of.  Imagine being able to pass your brief over to someone you can trust to find venues for you in a timely manner?  Venue finders can save you an enormous amount of time, leaving you free to plan other aspects of your event such as meeting content, sponsorship, activities and the like.

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How much will it cost me?

Everyone wants to get best value for money and this is where venue finders excel.  In the majority of cases, venue finders offer a totally free venue finding service to all clients and they make their money by receiving standard agency commission from venues.  The commission does not impact on the cost of the venues at all.  Venue finders are very experienced in the art of negotiation and are able to obtain the best rates possible at all venues. More often than not, they are better than if you approached the venue yourself.  The harder a venue finder works and the more venues they book, the better the rates they can achieve for clients, so always do your research before choosing a venue finder.  Speak to them first and you will soon get an impression of whether they appear to be knowledgeable on venues. Steer clear of venue finders who want to charge you a fee – they will already be receiving commission from the venue when they book, so there is no need to pay them as well.

Who arranges site visits?

So, having taken the plunge and decided to use a venue finder for your next event, you can get on with your planning and wait for the venue ideas to drop into your mailbox.  Once you have shortlisted a few, the venue finder will arrange site visits for you.  It is vitally important for you to visit venues prior to booking, so that you are sure in your own mind that they will be a perfect fit for your event.  When you have chosen a venue to book, venue finders will liaise with the venue on the contract and check that everything is as was agreed.  From then on it is down to individual preference whether you continue to use the venue finder to do the to’ing and fro’ing over menu choices, delegate lists etc or you deal with the venue directly.

Why we love finding new venues

It would be reasonable to assume that there are only a finite number of venues available to hire for events and so therefore one venue finder would be pretty much the same as the next one.  However, some of us are not satisfied with just having a great website and an interesting portfolio of venues – we challenge ourselves on a weekly basis to find new venues coming to the event market so that we always have fresh ideas for our clients.  Whether it’s a special summer party venue,  a green conference centre, a unique venue for corporate entertaining or simply the newest bar on the block, coming to Function Fixers with your next brief guarantees that you will be getting the very latest options for your event.

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Having reached this point, hopefully you will feel that using a venue finder offering a free venue finding service to find you a venue for your all important event has been a very positive and worthwhile experience and that they have provided you with some options that you would never have even thought of.  That is what makes a good venue finder!


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