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Five great wedding menu ideas

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Killer wedding dress, check! Invites, done! Budget, right on track! But something is niggling in the back of your mind. What else?

Now it’s time to indulge your senses even further by planning your menu. This is a chance for some real fun. Whilst there are bound to be certain allergies and fussy eaters you must contend with, the menu can epitomise who you are just as much as your location, dress or transport. You’ve planned your wedding down to the tiniest detail, now it’s time to loosen the reins…

Head down to the chippy:
Chippys have had somewhat of an revival in recent years and fish’n’chips can be a great option for your big day. With that classic newspaper used to wrap up those hearty chips, you can even design your own wedding themed newspaper complete with headline!

Cheese fiend:
If sugary treats have you recoiling, then why not throw the rulebook out the window by tailor-making your wedding cake with a savoury approach? Anyone with a love for fromage can have their perfect wedding cake made from stacks of mouthwatering cheeses complete with grapes and cracker decorations.

Sweet tooth:
It’s your wedding, and if you want a selection of delightful sugary courses, then by gum you can have it! Whilst a menu consisting of cakes and sweets might be going a little overboard, there are many amazing sweet tooth ideas for your big day. It’s possible to rent fairground style booths full of nostalgic goodness like candy-floss, mini donuts and pic’n’mix bags for your guests. A fairground selection of tasty treats for you and your guests is an easy way to make your day that extra bit special. Especially on a crisp winter night.
Summer wedding? Then opt for the vintage ice-cream van option complete with your childhood favourites instead!

Food Stations:
With so many guests, you can get yourself in quite a frenzy trying to please everyone’s taste buds. For a big guestlist, and those who like a bit of everything, you can introduce various food stations under different categories. You can do it by country, or course and each section can have something new sending for your guests to explore.

Head to the Mediterranean
Prefer transporting your tastebuds abroad? Then Mediterranean style fingerfood is a great option. Houmous, favoured oils and rustic breads have an edge on drab sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches.

You’ve budgeted like a pro, but one aspect that the happy couple can forget, or underestimate, is the food. So if you’re after that killer stand-out menu, then make sure you’ve given yourself enough dough. Weddingsite can cater (pun intended!) for your every need. Sign up FREE!


Experimenting with the menu can achieve more than demonstrating who you are as a couple. It releases those formal chains too. Eating at a wedding can be such a plain and formal affair. Encouraging your guests to dance and laugh with finger food or an extremely memorable wedding cake can catapult your wedding into a whole league of its own.

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