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Whether you are planning a two hour finale to a conference, an unexpected way to get staff together away from work, or just a great afternoon of entertainment, there are numerous team building options available here in London. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Chase

If you fancy more traditional ‘get stuck in’ team building – then this is for you. This popular team building challenge combines a treasure hunt with a series of fun team challenges. The only problem is that the teams need to find these hidden challenges in order to complete them!

There are hundreds of challenges to choose from including duck herding and Rage Buggies, to less physical challenges including music quizzes and wine tasting.
The Chase can include any form of team transport, depending on the events location. Apart from London, the Chase cane be run using Landrovers on Exmoor, luxury hire cars for out-of-town hunts or a good pair of trainers for Chases set in hotel grounds.
Teams collect points for finding the task points and bonus points for answering other cryptic clues and for collecting a series of bizarre scavenger items on their travels.
The Chase is best staged for groups of 30 – 100 and requires a three to four hour game time. The Chase challenges require full on enthusiasm, a ‘go for it’ attitude and we guarantee will result in a smiling team, win or lose!

Making Movies

This is a treasure hunt with a difference, as teams set off “Apprentice-Style” in search of props, costumes and the locations required to make their five-minute film.

These films can be scripted and plotted around your company and people or used to reinforce your brands or as a fun way to reinforce conference messages. This could include making spoof advertisements about your top competitors or creating a longer script, with each team filming one scene, with the scenes edited together to make a longer film which is shown at the end of the event.
The best scripts and films have a high comedy content and draw out some hidden talents and surprising performances from the participants. And for those who are slightly more camera shy, each crew needs a great director, cameraman and costume and make up department to deliver the perfect movie!
Making Movies is best played with teams of six to eight and requires around four hours to complete, followed by a private viewing and a few celebratory drinks.

RIB Treasure Hunt

Ever ridden down the Thames, James Bond style, on a speedboat? No, how about doing that at the same time as competing in a race? Well if that appeals then this is the challenge for you. Here is an event that combines the thrill of a ride in these fast and sporty boats along with a clues and photo challenges to make this a truly competitive experience.

Surprisingly many Londoners have never been on the Thames, so this is a rare chance to see our rapidly changing city skyline and view our most iconic landmarks from the water.
In addition to channeling the Bond vibe whilst seeking out the answers to those baffling clues, our corporate Thames treasure hunts include an exhilarating high-speed blast from Tower Bridge to the Thames Barrier.
Come rain or shine this is the perfect activity, and as you complete the challenge we will have a great watering hole along the river prepped with warming or refreshing drinks to cheer the crews after an unforgettable time on the water.
Our Thames RIB Treasure Hunts use a fleet of identical boats all driven by experienced and qualified skippers. The event lasts three to four hours and is ideal for 30 – 100 participants. If you fancy a jaw dropping, adrenaline fuelled experience, then this is the one of the best treasure hunts London has to offer.

Bear Grylls Ultimate team building

You will have seen Bear Grylls on television  – here is the ultimate team building event designed and delivered by Bear Grylls personal team of highly trained experts.
Chilli Sauce have taken the synergy between high performance teamwork, natural instinct and survival and created a one off selection of completely different team building experiences. Designed to significantly increase group performance and individual skills including leadership, communication, trust and cohesion, each event will push comfort zones just enough for individuals to think differently and learn new ways of working.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy3

All experiences are written by Bear and his close personal team of experts and are designed to push you and your team to bring out the best in teamwork, cohesion and leadership.

If you’re looking for a seriously life empowering team event that makes a REAL difference then don’t be afraid to step up!

Ever wanted to run away and join a circus?   Try the London Circus Skills Workshop

Here is your chance to get a taste of what the circus is all about in one of the largest Circus training facilities in Europe.


Take part in this fun action-packed half-day course where you will get the chance to have taster sessions in flying trapeze, static trapeze, juggling, acrobatics and acrobalance, in a supportive, carefully controlled and safe environment. To ensure maximum participation by everyone in all sessions the group would be split into groups with approximately 35 minutes per session. (The Show / Group Balance will be done at the end of the sessions by all groups).

On a tight budget? Beer Tasting – popular with the boys...

Why not reward your team for all their hard working with a spot of beer tasting?


This interactive and fun event is bound to improve inter-colleague relations as participants relax and lose their inhibitions. Groups get divided into small teams and participate in a range of tailored games and activities. As well as learning more about this fine beverage, teams will have the opportunity to challenge each other head to head in a bid to be crowned the winners. Why not combine beer tasting with wine tasting or cocktail making for an extra special twist?

School Sports Day

Leave the office behind and relive the most fun school day of the year (if you were good at sport)- sports day. All the games will be just as you remember them in your school days but without the angry teachers. Don’t worry if you’re ill or injured you won’t need a note from your mum, but if you forget your kit you may have to take part in your pants and vest!



There are a number of specialist team building companies who are perfectly geared up to making your event the best event ever and is bound to get your staff talking about it in the right way for months to come!  Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time.

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