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What are the merits in using a venue finding company?

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Venue finders are a relatively new idea to a lot of companies and event organisers, but their service proves invaluable to millions of overworked secretaries, PA’s, office managers and others frequently called upon to find venues for specific events. Similar to hotel booking agents and travel agents, venue finding services come at no cost to event organisers, however they are paid  commission (varying from 5% to 10%) by the venue you eventually choose.  Our experience shows that every company that organises meeting should consider using a dedicated venue finder agency to help them save time and money on every one of their events.

A good venue finder does not let the idea of a commission payment get in the way of ensuring that you have the best venue options. We know this because our venue finding service is based on what fits your requirements best, not the commission rate we receive. If a venue doesn’t fit your requirements, then a good venue finder will not waste your time by including it in your proposal.


Inevitably event planners have to multi-task a lot and this is where venue finders can help. A reputable venue finding company will undertake the following on your behalf:

Search for the right venue for your event and negotiate the contract until it is signed by you. This can be in the UK, Europe, or across the World.
Negotiate hotel rates for your delegates to stay nearby, some agents can provide a dedicated event accommodation website to manage this, whilst others can provide codes for your delegates to quote when booking.
If you opt for a dry hire venue, then you will also need good quality suppliers if you don’t have your own production team. Venue finders usually have very good contacts in the industry and can get the best suppliers for you at reduced rates.

They also save:
Your budget – because they book a high volume of events, they are often able to get cheaper rates than if you went direct.
Your time – venue finders have national and international contacts for getting responses back from venues quickly and into a format that makes sense to you.
Your sanity – think about how much time it takes to research those venues, find the relevant contact at each venue, repeat what you’re looking for again and again and finally collate all their responses which are often sent in different formats, to try and figure out how much they charge and how good their venue/space really is!


By allowing a venue finder to be your point of contact with all of these venues they will ensure you can get on with planning your event without being called daily by multiple venues chasing for an update.
Give your venue finder plenty of time where possible and send them as much information as possible on the event, whether it is a brand new event or has been run before, venues you have used before and the type of delegates attending.

Don’t forget this is all free-of-charge with venue finders, so it makes perfect sense in this age when time seems to be so short and everything needs to be done yesterday, to enlist the help of a reputable venue finding agency. Function Fixers venue finding team’s response time is one hour with a list of options for you within 4 hours in the UK, 24 hours if overseas.

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