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Have you considered how you might promote your conference? There are many options, from press releases to direct mailings, business websites to e-zines. You can also consider writing advertisements to be displayed in specific magazines and jouals that are aimed at your target audience. Consider buying a domain name for your conference, and publish useful information such as proposed programmes, what food and drinks will be on offer in case any of your delegates have special diet requirements, the names of any speakers that you have secured, and timetables for said speakers including breaks etc.

It’s important to keep the website current, with all the latest news about the conference so that people will keep referring to the website to check the updates. You can also blog or use social media to raise awareness and excitement, advertise to a larger number of people, and have your brand accentuated by maintaining interest.

The most important thing though, of course, is attracting your target audience effectively. Put yourself in their shoes – what kind of advertising will really draw them in? Are the key words emphasized appropriately, and are the colours and wording true to your brand and style? Promotion is all important, and venue finding agencies work with you to ensure that your venue can reflect all the work that you’ve put into stylizing your conference in the run up to it’s occurrence. While you handle conference folders, programmes, name tags, brochures, signage etc., we can take care of lighting, reliable and mode staging/lighting/voice amplification equipment, and making sure that your brand is highlighted in the best possible way. 

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