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Is there an advantage in using as small company for a service as opposed to a big company?  Good things come in little parcels as my mother used to tell me when I was a child, and I believe that her words still ring true today and can be applied to many situations.


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Take business for example – large companies can sometimes be hampered by their size and making changes can be a long, slow process, whilst small companies can respond quicker to any market changes because they are not hampered by the size of the organisation.

Small businesses have a distinct advantage over larger competitors because far less people are involved in each step and process and they can adapt and change far more quickly. It can also be argued that being part of a small company makes an employee feel more needed and valuable and can energise them and make them more productive.

Bigger companies can have massive sales teams whose job is solely to get bookings and during working hours they can think of nothing else.  High volumes of enquiries means that there is no time to research new venues.  Invariably the team will use tried and tested venues and hotels simply because they don’t have the time to look for anything else. Of course in a small company sales are equally as important, but by the very nature of working in a smaller, more close-knit environment, it encourages thinking outside of the box.  The volume of enquiries will be lower, allowing for research into venues that actually fit each brief perfectly.

On the subject of using a small bespoke venue finding agency, one of the main advantages from a customer or client’s perspective, is that it is so much easier to do business with one person for the duration of each project.  It is so disconcerting to deliver your brief to one person and then find that several people are involved and you may even find yourself having to go through the brief several times, which undoubtedly happens with larger agencies.  Having the same person handling your enquiry from start to finish means that you build a relationship with that person and you begin to feel totally comfortable that that one person understands your brief, they get to know what you like and how you like to work and most importantly, they come up with the goods, or in this case, with the venue that is most suited to your needs and your brief.

What about cost?  Can’t large agencies offer better rates than smaller ones?  The answer to that is no!   If more than one agency approaches the same venue with the same brief, then the venue will issue exactly the same quote to both.  Each venue pays an industry standard commission to agencies for confirmed business, and the quotes must be identical which means that whatever the size of the agency, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible rate.  In addition to this, agencies book venues and hotels all the time, so invariably they can get a better rate than if you, the client, goes direct.

So, which agency will YOU plump for?  A big one or a small one?  Large agencies will struggle to offer a bespoke personal service due to their size, whilst smaller agencies really have to be customer focussed and most offer an amazing service, with you working with one agent from start to finish.  What’s more, if you opt for a smaller venue finding agency, you will find some unique and unusual venues that you didn’t know even existed!

Function Fixers is a small venue finding agency and we offer a truly bespoke service to everyone who enquires about finding and booking a venue.  Collectively, the team has more than 50 years’ experience in venue finding and we firmly uphold the idea that each client is of the utmost importance, no matter the size of the enquiry.  When you first enquire, you will be appointed a team member who will ensure that you are well-looked after from start to finish. We will listen carefully to your brief and chat with you to get a feel for the style of venue that you like.  Our response time is one hour, so you are never kept waiting.  Once we have the full brief, then we search for the venues most suited to your requirements, very often sending you links to venues in the interim too.  Within four hours you can expect proposals to come rolling in, but our work doesn’t stop there.  We continue to feed you ideas, sometimes completely outside of the box, just to help you see what else would be possible.  Our promise to you is that we will work tirelessly until we have a selection of venues that you are happy with.  We even have one member of staff whose work is dedicated to finding new event venues coming to the market, so apart from enjoying our personal, bespoke service, you can guarantee that you will hear about exciting new venues too.

Contact Function Fixers today for a free, unbiased, friendly and above all, a truly individual service.

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