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Holding a sales promotion event is a chance to get your work noticed, publicised and promoted.  If you own a shop, however, you may be thinking about finding a venue with more space, flexibility, lighting opportunities and areas for presentations and for models to work.  

The environment in which you hold your event must reflect you as a designer, and it can be hard to find a space that really highlights your style and meets all your requirements.  You may wish for a huge venue, big enough for a catwalk, show areas, social spaces and backstage mayhem.  Then again, perhaps you need something smaller, quirkier, less expensive and modest.  Here are four venues, which are all extremely different in capacity, style and facilities, to give you some food for thought.

Blackall Studios, Shoreditch

This is a multi-functional venue, with multi-optional potential.  If you’re displaying urban, municipal clothing, then the textured walls and underground feel o f this venue are very well suited.  It has the added advantage of you being able to make the choice between a dry hire, or having their experienced staff on hand to help you.  If you’re only just getting an idea of your budget, it’s definitely worth a look – there’s loads of room for negotiation. While there is not much natural light, it does give you an opportunity to customise your electric lighting with striking results.

Park Royal Studios, Park Royal

 If you’re looking for an absolutely enormous space, big enough for a rock concert let alone a sales event, you’ve found it.  Park Royal Studios has to be seen to be believed – 15,000 sq. ft. of space, able to comfortably hold 2,100 people, with a huge (free) parking lot, and is usually used for large-scale photoshoots.   With more than enough head height for dramatic scenery, huge backstage areas which you can design yourself, and for anything else you could possibly want.

The Natural History Museum

If your line has a more theatrical or vintage feel about it, the museum provides a stunning backdrop.  Minimalist clothing is also shown well here, considering the clean lines and prime colours against the textured and layered architecture on offer.  Of course, the space is also enormous, and is an impressive backdrop for photographs. The venue also has an experienced catering team at hand.

The Saatchi Gallery

If you need somewhere completely clean-cut, white, mode, minimalist and a space that will purely showcase your work with no distraction, then The Saatchi Gallery is perfect.  With the added bonus of being a famous venue, this really will dress to impress.  A site visit is very much recommended, because there are a lot of rooms and spaces available in the gallery, each with their own benefits.  You will have 70,000 sq.ft to experiment with – an entirely flexible and contemporary space.  

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