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Halswell House

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Halswell House - Somerset

Halswell Park Goathurst Somerset, Somerset, TA5 2DH

Venue Introduction

When you are planning that stunning once in a lifetime event, you will want a setting that is not just a blank backdrop to the flowers and champagne, but an exquisitely dressed stage that will make your big day unforgettable. Your venue should not shrink into the background, but play a major role at your party. It should offer character, history and beauty. It should put your guests at their ease, and encourage them to stroll and mingle and talk. It should be the starting point for beautiful memories that will linger long after everyone has departed. For that, you need an exceptional location – Halswell.

Additional Notes:

Halswell is a private house, not a hotel. This, coupled with a tranquil parkland, provides the perfect backdrop to your programme whatever its duration. We pride ourselves on our professional team who are available throughout your stay. Whether you wish to plan your own itinerary or prefer a helping hand, we are here to assist.
When planning an event at Halswell House you will be immediately aware it is a venue apart. The six principal reception rooms are suited to a variety of corporate layouts. From formal boardroom to informal gatherings or theatre style arrangements to break-out spaces – all are possible under the one roof!

Both the Dining Room and Ball Room have good acoustics and all reception rooms can be shuttered if required for slide show / audio presentations. The internal architecture of the house also enables several different functions to be in operation simultaneously – for example – a formal meeting could be conducted in the Morning Room while a discussion forum would be possible in the Ball Room, each visually and audio insulated from the other but serviced by staff as appropriate and without recourse to passing through other rooms in use.

Room Information

Room NameSeat CapReception Cap
Banqueting Hall90-120150
Bow Room30-4050
Morning Room50-6070


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