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Why should you consider a sustainable venue for your next corporate event or private function? Here in the UK, we must all try to reduce our environmental impact, and event planning is no exception.

Function Fixers can help you find a green venue – a unique, eco-conscious space where your company’s sustainability efforts are appreciated and actively supported.

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Surveyors House at RICS

12 Great George Street (SW1P 3AD)

Situated in the heart of Westminster, this magnificent Victorian building offers stunning views of iconic landmarks like Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament Square. It provides…



County Ground
Edgbaston Road (B57QU)

Edgbaston offers a variety of bright, modern, and adaptable conference suites and meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 800 delegates, all featuring stunning views of the pitch. Our distinctive…


The Birmingham Rep

Broad Street
Birmingham (B1 2EP)

The Birmingham REP offers fantastic conference facilities alongside the newly built Birmingham Library. Following their refurbishment a new 300 seat studio has been built that is available to hire for…

the botree hotel
New for 2024

The BoTree Hotel

30 Marylebone Lane (W1U 2DR)

The BoTree, boasting 199 rooms, among which are 30 suites, blends unwavering standards with a purposeful ethos, defining its unique brand of luxury—conscious luxury. This commitment permeates every facet of…


Folly Farm Centre

Pensford (BS39 4DW)

Folly Farm Centre is an environmentally sustainable meeting and event venue nestled in the heart of a 250-acre nature reserve, yet conveniently located just 10 miles from Bristol and Bath….


The Peninsula London

Grosvenor Place (SW1X 7HJ)

The Peninsula London’s opulent setting seamlessly fuses with state-of-the-art technology and guarantee an indelible mark on every special event, be it a celebration or a corporate affair. The hotel boasts…


City Hall

Kamal Chunchie Way
Royal Victoria Docks (E16 1ZE)

City Hall (formerly The Crystal) is an iconic sustainable events venue located in London, United Kingdom. It is situated in the Royal Docks area, specifically in the borough of Newham….


Earth Trust

Little Wittenham
Abingdon (OX14 4QZ)

Earth Trust Centre is in the heart of rural Oxfordshire and offers a range of flexible, eco-friendly spaces for a range of corporate events both large and small. Gloucester room…


Birch (Selsdon)

126 Addington Road
Croydon (CR2 8YA)

How to describe Birch (Selsdon)? Set within 200 acres of rolling hills and green space, and just 30 minutes from London, you’ll find… 181 bedrooms of all shapes and sizes….


Victoria Warehouse

Trafford Road (M17 1AB)

Victoria Warehouse is a completely unique, entirely innovative event space right at the heart of one of Europe’s most exciting cities, Manchester. Built in the 1920s, a huge and massively…

£65 inc vat DDR until the end of March

Ambassadors Bloomsbury

12 Upper Woburn Place
London (WC1H OHX)

A stylish four-star hotel with a rich historical background situated in the heart of Bloomsbury. This independent hotel caters to both corporate and leisure guests, offering accommodation, event hosting, and…


Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Mall
London (SW1Y 5AH)

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a legendary venue situated near to Downing Street, The Mall and Piccadilly Circus. It is an excellent central London venue for corporate conferences. The…


Grove House Green Teambuilding

University of Roehampton (SW15 5PJ)

Grove House is part of Roehampton Venues in leafy SW15. The patio terrace overlooks acres of outdoor space and beautiful gardens offers a perfect setting to reconnect with your team….


Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Nr Hythe (CT21 4PD)

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve is located in the South East of England in the beautiful county of Kent , and is within easy reach of London, Surrey, Sussex, and…


73 Waterloo

73 Waterloo Road (SE1 8TY)

73 Waterloo is one of London’s most unique and sustainable event venues. Following a multi-million pound renovation, this historic venue boasts extraordinary event entertaining spaces with an 8-metre high ceiling…


The Corner London City Hotel

42 Adler Street (E1 1EE)

The Corner London City is a new concept design hotel located close to bustling Brick Lane and the trendy bars, art galleries and boutiques of Shoreditch.  It offers an off-the-charts…



Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
London (SE1 9PH)

Located on Level Two of the iconic OXO Tower, OXO2 is a breath-taking contemporary event space offering panoramic views across the river Thames.  If you want an inspirational meeting space,…


15 Hatfields

Chadwick Court
London (SE1 8DJ)

Open since 2008, 15Hatfields is a state-of-the-art conference & event venue with a strong emphasis on environmental & sustainable practices. Located on London’s bustling South Bank, the venue’s versatile spaces…


Eco-Friendly Sustainable Venues

Any gathering of people will have some effect on the planet, so sustainability should be considered when planning events. Choosing modern, cool venues with green policies can inspire attendees to make more sustainable choices going forward.

At Function Fixers, we have over 35 years of experience finding one-of-a-kind venues for corporate events and private celebrations across the UK. Our bespoke service ensures we find the perfect fit for you, whether you need a small intimate space or a large, open venue.

With a bit of effort, corporate event planning can and should align with sustainability values. Contact our team today and discover how we can connect you with the latest impressive sustainable venues for any type of modern event or gathering.

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  • We will identify venues with a credible sustainability policy, energy-efficient practices and environmental management systems.
  • Our ability to negotiate special rates and discounts with many venues will save you both time and money.


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Find the Best Sustainable Venues for Your Event

Introduction to Sustainable Venues

Hosting an environmentally-friendly party requires careful planning, and one of the most crucial decisions is selecting an eco-conscious venue. The venue sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire event while also reflecting your commitment to sustainability. Whether you’re planning a green wedding, a corporate eco-event, or an Earth Day celebration, choosing a sustainable venue can significantly reduce your environmental impact and create a memorable experience for your eco-minded guests.

The Benefits of Using a Green Venue Finder

Utilising a green venue finder service can streamline the process of finding an ideal sustainable party location. These services provide access to a curated database of eco-friendly venues, allowing you to browse through various options based on your specific requirements, such as capacity, location, amenities, and green certifications. By leveraging a green venue finder, you can save time and effort in researching potential venues, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined planning process for your sustainable event.

Sustainable Venue Types and Considerations

When selecting a sustainable party venue, it’s essential to consider the type of event you’re hosting and the specific eco-friendly requirements it entails. Here are some common sustainable venue types and factors to consider:

1. Nature-Based Venues

Outdoor spaces like botanical gardens, eco-lodges, or nature reserves can provide a beautiful and environmentally-conscious setting for your party.

2. Repurposed or Upcycled Venues

Venues that have been creatively transformed from existing structures, such as converted warehouses or recycled shipping containers, can offer a unique and sustainable experience.

3. Renewable Energy-Powered Venues

Venues that rely on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or geothermal power can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Farm-to-Table Venues

Venues that prioritize locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients for their catering services can support sustainable agriculture and reduce food miles.

Considerations for selecting a sustainable venue may include their waste management practices, water conservation efforts, energy efficiency measures, and overall commitment to environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Planning and Logistics

Once you’ve selected your desired eco-friendly venue, it’s essential to plan and coordinate the logistics of your event with sustainability in mind. This may include:

1. Carbon Offsetting

Consider offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your event through reputable carbon offset programs.

2. Sustainable Transportation

Encourage guests to carpool, use public transportation, or engage in eco-friendly transportation options like biking or walking when possible.

3. Vendor Coordination

Coordinate with sustainable vendors such as eco-caterers, fair-trade florists, and eco-friendly entertainment providers to ensure a cohesive green event experience.

4. Waste Reduction

Plan for composting and recycling stations, eliminate single-use plastics, and minimise printed materials to reduce waste.

Sustainable Vendor Selection and Management

Choosing eco-conscious vendors can significantly impact the overall sustainability of your party. Consider the following when selecting vendors:

1. Eco-Catering

Research caterers that prioritise local, organic, and plant-based menu options, as well as those that practice sustainable food waste management.

2. Green Entertainment

Hire eco-friendly performers or engage in low-impact entertainment options like acoustic music or interactive workshops.

3. Sustainable Decor and Rentals

Work with vendors that offer eco-friendly decorations, such as living plants, recycled materials, or rentable decor items to reduce waste.

4. Ethical Photography and Videography

Hire photographers and videographers who are committed to sustainable practices, such as using energy-efficient equipment and minimising their environmental impact.

Budget and Sustainable Cost Considerations

Establishing a realistic budget is crucial when planning a sustainable party. Consider the following factors:

1. Venue Fees

Research and compare the fees for various eco-friendly venues, taking into account any additional charges for sustainable amenities or services.

2. Sustainable Vendor Costs

Factor in the costs for eco-catering, green entertainment, sustainable decorations, and any other eco-conscious vendor services you require.

3. Carbon Offset Costs

Budget for carbon offsetting programs to mitigate the environmental impact of your event.

Legal and Environmental Compliance

Depending on the size and nature of your sustainable event, you may need to consider legal and environmental compliance requirements, such as:

1. Permits and Licenses

Research any necessary permits or licenses required for your eco-event, such as those related to outdoor venues or waste management.

2. Green Event Certifications

Consider obtaining a green event certification from organisations like the Green Meeting Industry Council or the Sustainable Event Alliance.

3. Environmental Impact Assessment

Conduct an environmental impact assessment to identify potential areas of concern and develop mitigation strategies.

Promotion and Sustainable Marketing

Promoting your eco-friendly event can help ensure a successful turnout and create excitement among your environmentally-conscious guests. Consider the following strategies:

1. Digital Invitations and Communications

Opt for digital invitations and event communications to reduce paper waste and carbon emissions associated with printing and mailing.

2. Social Media and Online Promotion

Leverage social media platforms and online event listings to spread awareness about your sustainable event and its eco-friendly initiatives.

3. Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with eco-influencers or sustainability-focused organisations to amplify your message and reach a broader audience of environmentally-conscious individuals.

Day-of Coordination and Sustainable Setup

On the day of your event, it’s essential to have a solid coordination plan in place to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for your guests while maintaining your sustainable practices. Consider the following:

1. Sustainable Venue Setup

Work closely with the venue staff to ensure that all eco-friendly measures, such as waste sorting stations and energy-efficient lighting, are properly implemented.

2.Vendor Coordination

Collaborate with your sustainable vendors to ensure they adhere to your event’s sustainability guidelines and minimise their environmental impact during setup and operations.

3. Guest Engagement

Assign knowledgeable staff or volunteers to educate guests on your event’s sustainable initiatives and encourage their participation in eco-friendly practices.

Post-Event Sustainable Wrap-up

After the party, it’s important to tie up any loose ends and ensure a proper sustainable wrap-up. Consider the following:

1. Vendor Evaluations

Evaluate the sustainability performance of your vendors and provide feedback for future improvement.

2. Venue Restoration

Ensure the venue is left in the same condition as it was found, adhering to any environmental guidelines and minimising any potential impact.

3. Guest Follow-up

Share the environmental impact report of your event with guests, highlighting the sustainable achievements and thanking them for their participation.

4. Continuous Improvement

Gather feedback from guests and vendors to identify areas for improvement and implement more sustainable practices for future events.

Sustainable Party Venue Booking Checklist

– [ ] Determine the type of sustainable event and number of eco-conscious guests
– [ ] Research and compare potential sustainable venues
– [ ] Consider venue amenities, capacity, location, accessibility, and green certifications
– [ ] Check availability and book the desired eco-friendly venue
– [ ] Review and understand the venue’s sustainability policies and contracts
– [ ] Coordinate with sustainable vendors and communicate venue requirements
– [ ] Obtain necessary permits, licenses, and environmental compliance certifications
– [ ] Promote the event through digital invitations, social media, and influencer marketing
– [ ] Develop a day-of coordination plan for sustainable setup

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