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B&H Studios

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B&H Studios - Central London

42 Northampton Road, Central London, EC1R 1HU

Venue Introduction

B&H Studios is Bourne & Hollingsworth’s brand new 200 sq m creative studio space space located in Clerkenwell. The expansive loft features high vaulted ceilings, built-in show kitchen, three breakout rooms and an abundance of natural light making it the ideal location for networking, film and photo shoots, parties and weddings.

Offering a truly unique space and creative blank canvas for guests, B&H Studios has been developed with an unrivalled level of detail and can be adapted to suit any need.

The studio space also has separate rooms ideal for hair and make-up, styling, green rooms, gallery and production.

Studio details:

– White Studio space: 131 m²
– Kitchen Studio Space: 36 sqm (open or separate to main studio)
– Styling room/production: 17 m²
– Make up room/green room: 12 m²
– Private balcony space: 10 m²
– Three phase and single phase power: 180amps, 63/32amp outlet
– Wireless leased line broadband

Room Information

Room NameSeat CapReception Cap
Whole venue160200


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