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Using a tech venue for an event can offer several advantages, depending on the nature and goals of the event.

Tech venues are typically equipped with advanced technology infrastructure, including high-speed internet, audio-visual equipment, and other tech amenities. This ensures that your event can leverage the latest tools and technologies seamlessly.

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58 Victoria Embankment (EC4Y 0DS)

The City of London’s vibrant riverside venue, 58VE, is a modern space nestled in the heart of London along Victoria Embankment. With a capacity of up to 200 standing guests,…

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Sancroft St Paul’s

Paternoster Square (EC4)

Situated in the renowned Paternoster Square, Sancroft St. Paul’s offers a conveniently centralised location that is easily accessible and surrounded by a array of historical London landmarks in the City….


Courtyard Heathrow

1 Nobel Drive
Hayes (UB3 5EY)

Opened in 2021, Courtyard Heathrow hotel boasts a generously proportioned ground floor encompassing a reception area, business lounge, gym, bar, restaurant, Starbucks coffee outlet, meeting rooms, media pods, and a…

trampery tech venue
Tech venue

The Trampery Old Street

239 Old Street (EC1V 9EY)

The Trampery Old Street stands as our dynamic flagship venue in London. Transformed from a formerly abandoned building, it has evolved into a premium centre for innovation and creativity situated…


Scottish Event Campus – SEC

Exhibition Way (G3 8YW)

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC), an iconic bulding in Glasgow, serves as Scotland’s premier venue for public events and stands as the United Kingdom’s largest integrated exhibition and conference centre….


The Lower Third

26 Denmark Street (WC2H 8NJ)

The Lower Third offers a distinctive setting suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual gatherings to formal industry events. Situated on the former site of the renowned 12…


HERE at Outernet

Charing Cross Road (WC2H 8LH)

Introducing HERE at Outernet, an innovative venue situated in the heart of Central London. Nestled right next to Tottenham Court Road station, HERE at Outernet is a dynamic live events…


ODI Leeds

3rd Floor, Munro House
Duke Street (LS9 8AG)

ODI Leeds is a purpose built collaborative meeting and workspace that is available to hire for all types of corporate events. The 2500 sq ft space is a fantastic industrial…


Unity Place MK

200 Grafton Gate
Milton Keynes (MK9 1UP)

Situated at Milton Keynes’ gateway, Unity Place serves as an accessible hub for residents and visitors alike, seamlessly blending sustainability and connectivity into its foundation. As a leading hub for…


Testbed Leeds

110 Hunslet Lane (LS10 1ES)

Testbed Leeds is a brand new blank canvas event venue in the city of Leeds. With 10,000 sq ft of blank space, Testbed is perfect for a wide range of…


Aures London

Unit 7
18 Leake Street (SE1 7NN)

Aures London is an exciting Central London event space available to hire for a variety of events. With a capacity of 300 standing, in-house AV and immersive technology and programming,…


Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Mall
London (SW1Y 5AH)

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a legendary venue situated near to Downing Street, The Mall and Piccadilly Circus. It is an excellent central London venue for corporate conferences. The…


New Century Hall

34 Hanover Street (M4 4AH)

The jewel in the crown of Manchester’s fastest moving city-centre district, New Century is an iconic part of the city’s musical history. Mid-century architecture combines with state-of-the-art production for unforgettable…


MTC Events

Pilot Way
Anstry Business Park
Coventry (CV7 9JU)

MTC Events sits on its own unique campus within the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre, giving us access to some of the most pioneering research and development activity happening in Great…


We The Curious

Anchor Road
Bristol (BS1 5DB)

We The Curious  is a unique venue choice, guaranteed to inspire and wow your guests for any occasion. Offering a range of dynamic and versatile event spaces within an imaginative…


ExCel London

One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock (E16 1XL)

ExCeL London, the Capital’s largest events venue, is also home to London’s first-ever International Convention Centre. London ExCeL offers the UK’s largest auditorium (up to 5,000), London’s largest banqueting hall…

code node
Tech Venue


10 South Place (EC2M 7EB)

CodeNode is a unique tech venue in Central London.  It offers creative spaces for a wide range of events from conferences, workshops, meetings, hackathons and much more. Looking for unusual…


University of Manchester Conference Venues

Sackville Street (M13 9PL)

The University of Manchester Conferences and Venues offers a range of AIM accredited venues in truly inspiring Nobel Prize winning surroundings-a University that is world renowned for excellence in learning…


Need a tech space for your next event?

Holding a tech event in a specialised tech venue  you will attract professionals and enthusiasts from the industry. This provides excellent networking opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, or even investors.

If your event is related to the tech industry or has a tech focus, hosting it in a tech venue can also help align your brand with the themes of innovation and technology.

Many tech venues are designed with flexibility in mind. This allows event organisers to customise the space according to their specific needs, whether it’s configuring seating arrangements, setting up interactive displays, or creating thematic environments.

Here at Function Fixers, we have a number of tech venues across London and the UK that provide complete flexibility. From small unique spaces to large, for large events we can match you with the perfect fit.

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Find the Best Academic Venues for Hire

Introduction to Academic Event Venues

Hosting a successful academic event requires careful planning, and one of the most crucial decisions is selecting the right venue. The venue sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire event, reflecting the intellectual and scholarly nature of your gathering. Whether you’re planning a conference, a symposium, or a guest lecture series, choosing a suitable academic venue can significantly impact the event’s success and create an environment conducive to learning and discourse.

The Benefits of Using an Academic Venue Finder

Utilising an academic venue finder service can streamline the process of finding the ideal location for your event. These services provide access to a curated database of academic venues, allowing you to browse through various options based on your specific requirements, such as capacity, location, amenities, and technology infrastructure. By leveraging an academic venue finder, you can save time and effort in researching potential venues, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined planning process.

Academic Venue Types and Considerations

When selecting an academic venue for hire, it’s essential to consider the type of event you’re hosting and the specific requirements it entails. Here are some common academic venue types and factors to consider:

  1. University or College Campuses

Educational institutions often have auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference facilities available for academic events, offering a scholarly environment and access to on-campus resources.

2. Research Centers and Think Tanks

These venues provide a focused and intellectual setting for hosting academic conferences, seminars, or panel discussions on specific research topics or areas of study.

3. Libraries and Archives

Historical libraries and archives can offer a unique and scholarly backdrop for academic events, particularly those related to literature, history, or research.

4. Museums and Cultural Institutions

Museums, galleries, or other cultural institutions can provide an enriching and educational setting for academic events, allowing attendees to explore exhibits and collections related to the event’s theme.

5. Conference Centers and Convention Venues

While not exclusively academic, these venues often have the necessary infrastructure and amenities to host large-scale academic conferences or symposiums.

Considerations for selecting an academic venue may include its technology infrastructure (Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, and presentation capabilities), accessibility, parking availability, catering options, and overall scholarly ambiance.

Event Planning and Logistics

Once you’ve selected your desired academic venue, it’s essential to plan and coordinate the logistics of your event. This may include:

1. Technology and Connectivity

Ensure the venue has adequate technology infrastructure, such as reliable Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, and presentation capabilities, to support your event’s needs for lectures, presentations, and academic discussions.

2. Vendor Coordination

Coordinate with vendors such as caterers, audio-visual technicians, and event staff to ensure they understand and adhere to the venue’s policies and requirements.

3. Attendee Management

Plan for attendee registration, seating arrangements, and any special accommodations that may be required, such as accessibility or dietary restrictions.

4. Academic Resources and Materials

Discuss the availability of academic resources or materials at the venue, such as library access or study materials related to the event’s topic.

Vendor Selection and Management

Choosing the right vendors can significantly impact the overall success of your academic event. Consider the following when selecting vendors:

1. Catering

Research caterers with experience in academic events and those who can accommodate various dietary needs and preferences.

2. Audio-Visual and Technology Support

Hire experienced audio-visual technicians or technology support teams to ensure seamless presentation delivery and troubleshooting during lectures and discussions.

3. Event Staff and Personnel

Work with professional event staff or personnel to ensure efficient event coordination, registration, and attendee management.

4. Academic Partnerships and Collaborations

Explore opportunities to partner with academic institutions, research organizations, or subject matter experts to enhance the content and credibility of your event.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Establishing a realistic budget is crucial when planning an academic event. Consider the following factors:

1. Venue Rental Fees

Research and compare the rental fees for various academic venues, taking into account any additional charges for services or amenities.

2. Vendor Costs

Factor in the costs for catering, audio-visual support, event staff, and any other vendor services you require.

3. Speaker Fees and Honoraria

If you plan to invite guest speakers, researchers, or subject matter experts, budget for their fees, travel expenses, and accommodations.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Depending on the size and nature of your academic event, you may need to consider legal and compliance requirements, such as:

1. Permits and Licenses

Research any necessary permits or licenses required for hosting academic events at the venue, such as event permits or speaker visas (for international guests).

2. Insurance and Liability

Consider obtaining event liability insurance to protect your organization and the venue in case of accidents or damages.

3. Intellectual Property and Copyright

Ensure compliance with intellectual property and copyright regulations if you plan to distribute academic materials or publications during the event.

Promotion and Marketing

Promoting your academic event can help ensure a successful turnout and create interest among your target audience. Consider the following strategies:

1. Academic Mailing Lists and Publications

Utilise mailing lists and publications within academic circles, such as university newsletters or research journals, to reach out to potential attendees and promote your event.

2. Social Media and Online Promotion

Leverage social media platforms and online event listings to showcase your event’s details, speakers, and highlights.

3. Academic Partnerships and Collaborations

Partner with academic institutions, research organizations, or subject matter experts to cross-promote and reach a broader audience within your field of study.

Day-of Coordination and Event Management

On the day of your academic event, it’s essential to have a solid coordination plan in place to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. Consider the following:

1. Venue Setup and Academic Resources

Arrive early to oversee the setup process and ensure that the venue is properly equipped with any necessary academic resources or materials.

2. Vendor Coordination

Work closely with your vendors to ensure they adhere to the venue’s policies and your event’s timeline.

3. Attendee Management

Assign designated staff or volunteers to assist with attendee registration, seating arrangements, and any other attendee-related tasks.

Post-Event Follow-up and Feedback

After the event, it’s important to follow up with attendees, speakers, and vendors to ensure a proper wrap-up and gather valuable feedback. Consider the following:

1. Attendee Follow-up

Send post-event communications, such as thank-you notes or surveys, to gather feedback and insights from attendees.

2. Speaker and Presenter Feedback

Solicit feedback from guest speakers, researchers, or presenters to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement.

3. Vendor Evaluations

Evaluate the performance of your vendors and provide feedback for future improvement.

4. Event Data and Analytics

Analyze event data and metrics to measure the success of your event and identify areas for improvement for future academic events.

Academic Event Venue Booking Checklist

  • Determine the type of academic event and specific requirements
  • Research and compare potential academic venues
  • Consider venue amenities, capacity, location, technology infrastructure, and scholarly ambiance
  • Check availability and book the desired academic venue
  • Review and understand the venue’s policies, contracts, and compliance requirements
  • Coordinate with vendors and communicate venue requirements
  • Obtain necessary permits, licenses, and event insurance
  • Promote the event through academic mailing lists, social media, and partnerships
  • Develop a day-of coordination plan with vendor coordination and attendee management
  • Conduct post-event follow-up, vendor evaluations, and event data analysis

By following these steps and considerations, you

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