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The UK is home to some of the biggest and best venues for exhibitions and trade shows. If you’re looking for event space for an upcoming exhibition, whether you’re showcasing your business or your products and services, we can help. Every major city boasts a number of excellent exhibition venues. Do you need a massive venue, or a smaller venue?  Does your event need to be city centre or on the outskirts? Would you like something industrial or something more sleek and polished? Does your event need to be in one of the many exhibition centres in London?  Or perhaps in Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow?

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Venues for Exhibitions

pop up space
Blank canvas venue

Kings Road Creative Pop-up Space

Kings Road
Chelsea (SW3 4NX)

First-floor Event/Exhibition space in the heart of King’s Road, Chelsea, the epicentre of London’s art and fashion scene, buzzing with energy. Within a 10-minute walk from Sloane Square tube station…

ixl centre birmingham
Conference capacity 800

The IXL Events Centre

Stoneythorpe Estate
Dallas Burston Polo Club (CV47 2DL)

Just 10 minutes from the M40 and 1 hour from London, the IXL Events Centre is an award winning, purpose built events centre. Ideal for conferences and exhibitions, awards evenings,…


Ministry of Sound

103 Gaunt Street (SE1 6DP)

Spread over approximately 10,000 sq. ft* of event spaces, Ministry of Sound is comprised of 6 adjoining warehouse spaces, with a capacity of 1,600 and a 24-hour license. With an…

pelligon canary wharf
Now Open

The Pelligon

43 Bank Street (E14 5AB)

The Pelligon is a unique and stylish venue within a spectacular 27m high arched glass atrium. The venue  boasts 682 sq meters of patterned marble floor, steamed beech wood wall…


Courtyard Heathrow

1 Nobel Drive
Hayes (UB3 5EY)

Opened in 2021, Courtyard Heathrow hotel boasts a generously proportioned ground floor encompassing a reception area, business lounge, gym, bar, restaurant, Starbucks coffee outlet, meeting rooms, media pods, and a…


Platform Glasgow

253 Argyle Street (G2 8DL)

Platform stands as one of Glasgow’s premier and most distinctive venues, offering a unique setting for a diverse array of events, performances, and celebrations. Whether you’re orchestrating expansive brand activations,…


Whitechapel Gallery

77-82 Whitechapel High Street
London (E1 7QX)

Housing 3,600 square metres of beautiful and versatile spaces including light and airy studios and large brick-exposed Galleries as well as a purpose-built auditorium, the Whitechapel Gallery is ideal for…


Bankside Vaults

1 Invicta Plaza
London (SE1 9UF)

Located on the Southbank adjacent to Blackfriars Bridge and Blackfriars Station, Bankside Vaults is close to the Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral. Having served different purposes in the past,…


Porchester Hall

Porchester Road,
London (W2 5HS)

Porchester Hall is a Grade II listed art deco venue in Bayswater, London available for hire for events. The venue is perfect for private parties, weddings, fashion shows, Christmas parties,…


The Vanguard Camden

North Yard
Stables Market
Camden (NW1 8AH)

The Vanguard Camden is an innovative multi-purpose events venue situated in the renowned Camden Market. Boasting excellent rail and tube connections through the Northern line and the Overground, Camden Market…


Scottish Event Campus – SEC

Exhibition Way (G3 8YW)

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC), an iconic bulding in Glasgow, serves as Scotland’s premier venue for public events and stands as the United Kingdom’s largest integrated exhibition and conference centre….

the block unique venue hire
Blank canvas space

The Block

10 White Lion Street (N1 9PD)

The BLOCK is a brand-new, industrial-style building in Angel. Less than a 2 minute walk from Angel station, and within striking distance of Kings Cross St. Pancras, this is an…


ILEC Conference Centre

47 Lillie Road
London (SW6 1UD)

ILEC Conference Centre is a conveniently situated adjacent to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre.  With 1700sq m of pillar free space, it offers endless possibilities for large conferences and exhibitions. …


Peckham Levels

95a Rye Lane (SE15 4ST)

Set inside what used to be a multi-storey car park in the heart of Peckham, South East London, Peckham Levels opened in 2017 and since then has been a unique…


Project House

Armley Road (LS12 2DR)

Project House is a new warehouse style events venue in Leeds. It is a versatile event space that can play host to a diverse array of activities, including music, markets,…


Evolution London

The British Genius Site
Battersea Park (SW11 4NJ)

Evolution London is an inspiring blank canvas space, purpose-built for hosting events. Exclusively located within a 14,000m² site in the heart of Battersea Park, with a versatile 5,650m² to play…


Park Village Studios

One Park Village East
Regent's Park (NW1 7PX)

Park Village Studios, also known as the Old Riding School, was built in 1892 as an indoor riding arena to serve the residents of the Nash Houses of Regent’s Park….


Testbed Leeds

110 Hunslet Lane (LS10 1ES)

Testbed Leeds is a brand new blank canvas event venue in the city of Leeds. With 10,000 sq ft of blank space, Testbed is perfect for a wide range of…


Exhibition Venues

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Find the Best Exhibition Venues for Hire

Introduction to Exhibition Venues

Hosting a successful exhibition requires careful planning, and one of the most crucial decisions is selecting the right venue. The venue sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire event, reflecting the scale and significance of your exhibition. Whether you’re organizing a trade show, an art exhibition, or a product showcase, choosing a suitable exhibition venue can significantly impact the event’s success and create an environment that effectively showcases your exhibits and attracts a wide range of attendees.

The Benefits of Using an Exhibition Venue Finder

Utilizing an exhibition venue finder service can streamline the process of finding the ideal location for your event. These services provide access to a curated database of exhibition venues, allowing you to browse through various options based on your specific requirements, such as floor space, location, amenities, and infrastructure. By leveraging an exhibition venue finder, you can save time and effort in researching potential venues, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined planning process.

Exhibition Venue Types and Considerations

When selecting an exhibition venue for hire, it’s essential to consider the type of exhibition you’re hosting and the specific requirements it entails. Here are some common exhibition venue types and factors to consider:

Convention Centers and Expo Halls

These venues are specifically designed to host large-scale exhibitions, trade shows, and conventions, offering ample floor space, loading docks, and infrastructure to support exhibitor needs.

Museums and Art Galleries

For art exhibitions or cultural showcases, museums and art galleries can provide a professional and curated setting, often with dedicated exhibition spaces and climate-controlled environments.

Fairgrounds and Event Centers

Fairgrounds and event centers offer versatile indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for various types of exhibitions, ranging from consumer shows to industry-specific trade fairs.

Repurposed Spaces

Thinking outside the box, venues like converted warehouses, industrial spaces, or even outdoor settings can provide a unique and memorable backdrop for exhibitions, allowing for creative and unconventional displays.

Venue Complexes

Some venues may offer multiple spaces or buildings within a complex, allowing for seamless integration of different exhibition components, such as exhibitor booths, seminars, and networking areas.

Considerations for selecting an exhibition venue may include its floor space, ceiling height, loading and unloading facilities, parking availability, and overall infrastructure to accommodate exhibitors, attendees, and any special requirements for your exhibition.

Event Planning and Logistics

Once you’ve selected your desired exhibition venue, it’s essential to plan and coordinate the logistics of your event. This may include:

Floor Plan Design

Work closely with the venue to design an efficient and engaging floor plan that maximises the exhibition space and provides a seamless flow for attendees and exhibitors.

Vendor Coordination

Coordinate with vendors such as exhibitor service providers, audio-visual technicians, and event staff to ensure they understand and adhere to the venue’s policies and requirements.

Attendee Management

Plan for attendee registration, crowd control, and any special accommodations that may be required, such as accessibility or VIP areas.

Exhibitor Management

Develop a comprehensive exhibitor manual outlining the venue’s guidelines, move-in and move-out schedules, and any specific requirements for booth setup, power needs, and logistics.

Vendor Selection and Management

Choosing the right vendors can significantly impact the overall success of your exhibition. Consider the following when selecting vendors:

Exhibitor Service Providers

Research reputable providers that offer comprehensive services for exhibitors, such as booth design, installation, and material handling.

Audio-Visual and Technology Support

Hire experienced audio-visual technicians or technology support teams to ensure seamless presentations, demonstrations, and multimedia displays during the exhibition.

Event Staff and Personnel

Work with professional event staff or personnel to ensure efficient event coordination, registration, and attendee management.

Security and Safety Providers

Ensure appropriate security measures are in place by hiring reputable security providers to safeguard the venue, exhibitors, and attendees during the exhibition.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Establishing a realistic budget is crucial when planning an exhibition. Consider the following factors:

Venue Rental Fees

Research and compare the rental fees for various exhibition venues, taking into account any additional charges for services or amenities.

Vendor Costs

Factor in the costs for exhibitor services, audio-visual support, event staff, security, and any other vendor services you require.

Exhibitor Fees

Determine appropriate fees for exhibitors based on booth size, location, and any additional services or amenities provided.

Marketing and Promotion Costs

Budget for marketing and promotional activities to attract attendees and exhibitors to your exhibition.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Depending on the size and nature of your exhibition, you may need to consider legal and compliance requirements, such as:

Permits and Licenses

Research any necessary permits or licenses required for hosting exhibitions at the venue, such as event permits, fire safety permits, or temporary occupancy permits.

Insurance and Liability

Consider obtaining event liability insurance to protect your organization, the venue, and exhibitors in case of accidents or damages.

Health and Safety Regulations

Ensure compliance with local health and safety regulations, particularly for exhibitions involving food, hazardous materials, or specialized equipment.

Promotion and Marketing

Promoting your exhibition is crucial for attracting attendees and exhibitors. Consider the following strategies:

Industry Outreach

Utilise industry-specific mailing lists, trade publications, and online forums to reach out to potential exhibitors and attendees within your target market.

Social Media and Online Promotion

Leverage social media platforms, industry blogs, and online event listings to showcase your exhibition’s details, highlights, and exhibitor lineup.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Partner with industry associations, influencers, or complementary businesses to cross-promote and reach a broader audience within your industry.

Day-of Coordination and Venue Management

On the day of your exhibition, it’s essential to have a solid coordination plan in place to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. Consider the following:

Venue Setup and Exhibitor Support

Arrive early to oversee the setup process and provide support to exhibitors as they install their booths and displays.

Vendor Coordination

Work closely with your vendors to ensure they adhere to the venue’s policies and your event’s timeline.

Attendee and Exhibitor Management

Assign designated staff or volunteers to assist with attendee registration, exhibitor support, and any other attendee- or exhibitor-related tasks.

Post-Event Follow-up and Feedback

After the exhibition, it’s important to follow up with attendees, exhibitors, and vendors to ensure a proper wrap-up and gather valuable feedback. Consider the following:

Attendee Follow-up

Send post-event communications, such as thank-you notes or surveys, to gather feedback and insights from attendees.

Exhibitor Feedback

Solicit feedback from exhibitors to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement.

Vendor Evaluations

Evaluate the performance of your vendors and provide feedback for future improvement.

Event Data and Analytics

Analyse event data and metrics to measure the success of your exhibition and identify areas for improvement for future events.

Exhibition Venue Booking Checklist

  • Determine the type of exhibition and specific requirements
  • Research and compare potential exhibition venues
  • Consider venue floor space, ceiling height, loading facilities, and infrastructure
  • Check availability and book the desired exhibition venue
  • Review and understand the venue’s policies, contracts, and compliance requirements
  • Coordinate with vendors and communicate venue requirements

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