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Zedwell - Central London

Piccadilly Circus, Central London, W1

Venue Introduction

Sleep isn’t a luxury.  It’s a state of mind we must embrace to live better.

Everyone needs to switch off properly.  Everyday.  It’s fundamental to ensure we function effectively.

Zedwell is a lifestyle concept designed to promote sleep, positive health & wellbeing.

We make sure that we put sleep before everything else for the power of wellbeing.  It’s why we created Zedwell. Your private sanctuary amongst the chaos of the city where you will be able to reconnect with yourself.

Our (rooms) cocoons have been crafted to give your body and mind what is needed for absolute rest.  We remove windows to remove distractions from the world outside and erase clutter to free you from anxiety, keeping it simple to allow for a clearer mind.  To help you switch off, re-balance and disconnect from your stresses.

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