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The Light Bar

Aldgate (E1)

Formerly a Victorian Power Station, the Light Bar offers industrial style warehouse space spread over two floors. This unique venue has very high ceilings, plenty of natural daylight and a…

tab centre venue hire
Competitive rates

The Tab Centre

3 Godfrey Place
Shoreditch (E2 7NT)

The Tab Centre is the only historic blank canvas hireable venue in London’s fashionable Shoreditch, on the edge of the Square Mile. This grand hall has elegant pilasters and a…


Saddlers’ Hall

40 Gutter Lane (EC2V 6BR)

In the heart of the City of London, a few yards from St Paul’s Cathedral, off an ancient by-way, stands the magnificent mansion house of The Worshipful Company of Saddlers,…


St Mary’s London

Wyndham Place
London (W1H 1EA)

St Mary’s London is a stunning Grade 1 listed building available for hire for a wide range of events. The building boasts a prestigious, light and spacious main room and…


Hylands House

Hylands Estate
Chelmsford (CM2 8WQ)

Hylands House offers a choice of rooms, varying in sizes and styles, to suit every occasion from meetings and gala nights to team building away days and celebratory events. It’s hard…


Hotel Cafe Royal

68 Regent Street (W1B 4DY)

True to its original glamorous spirit, Hotel Café Royal is a luxury 5 star hotel in the heart of central London. With elegant Mayfair to the west and creative Soho…


Dartmouth House

37 Charles Street
Mayfair (W1J 5ED)

Dartmouth House, home of the English-Speaking Union is an elegant mansion set in the heart of London’s Mayfair, providing the perfect setting for hosting meetings, events and weddings. Dartmouth House…


Southwark Cathedral Conference Centre

London Bridge (SE1 9DA)

The Southwark Cathedral Conference Centre, opened in 2001 by Nelson Mandela, is a renowned venue in central London. In the heart of Bankside, next to Borough Market, it is linked…


Glaziers Hall

9 Montague Close
London Bridge (SE1 9DD)

Glaziers Hall is a beautiful converted warehouse sitting right on the South Bank of the Thames with stunning views of the City. Whether you are looking to host a conference,…


London Bridge Arches

9 Montague Close
London Bridge (SE1 9DD)

London Bridge Arches is a stunning new space within Glaziers Hall.  This amazing space features part of London Bridge along with three restored Georgian brick arches, a grade listed original York…


Tobacco Dock

50 Porters Walk (E1W 2SF)

Built in the early 19th century as a secure bonded warehouse, Tobacco Dock has been beautifully restored and now offers a series of industrial-style event spaces for up to 5,000…


Museum of London Docklands

No 1 Warehouse
London (E14 4AL)

Located over five floors of a splendid late Georgian warehouse, the Museum of London Docklands is Canary Wharf’s only Grade 1 listed venue. Built in 1802, the warehouse which is…


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Queens Road (BS8 1RL)

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery offers a unique event space for all types of events, from award ceremonies, gala dinners, product launches, fashion shows, corporate and private drinks receptions. With…


Gunnersbury Park House

Popes Lane (W5 4NX)

Nestled in the heart of West London and set within 72 hectares of stunning public parkland, Gunnersbury Park offers an exciting portfolio of venues, making it one of London’s most…


Weston Park

nr Shifnal
Shropshire (TF11 8LE)

There is no better location for an event than having private use of such a magnificent stately home. Whatever the occasion, you can enjoy a personal experience of the house…


Fulham Palace

Bishop's Avenue
London (SW6 6EA)

Fulham Palace is a tranquil haven for events in the heart of London. With close transport links by rail, tube or ferry, this is the perfect venue for corporate clients…


Victoria Warehouse

Trafford Road (M17 1AB)

Victoria Warehouse is a completely unique, entirely innovative event space right at the heart of one of Europe’s most exciting cities, Manchester. Built in the 1920s, a huge and massively…


The Grand York

Station Rise
York (YO1 6GD)

The Grand is York’s only five-star venue, located in the heart of the city.  Just a short walk from the railway station this iconic building boast views of the city’s…


Historic Venues for Memorable Events

Looking for an unusual historic venue to host a special celebration, corporate event or important meeting? Stand out from the crowd by booking one of Function Fixers’ inspiring castle venues or quirky historic spaces.

We have an amazing selection of unique venues steeped in history, located in beautiful settings with many venues in London and across the UK. From small intimate rooms to grand halls, our portfolio offers a range of cool historic options for events of any size.

Give your next gathering a sense of prestige and grandeur by taking advantage of these iconic venues full of character. Impress your guests with the experience of celebrating in a stunning historic castle or hall.

Function Fixers makes booking these one-of-a-kind historic venues simple. Our experts will ensure you find the perfect fit for your next event or special occasion. Contact us today to discover our portfolio of trendy, unforgettable historic venues ready for hire.

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Find the Best Historic Venues for Hire

Introduction to Historic Party Venues

Hosting a memorable event requires careful planning, and one of the most crucial decisions is selecting a historic venue. A historic venue sets a unique tone and atmosphere for the entire event, providing a rich cultural backdrop and a sense of timelessness. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate gala, or a themed celebration, choosing a historic venue can elevate your event and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The Benefits of Using a Historic Venue Finder

Utilising a historic venue finder service can streamline the process of finding the ideal location for your event. These services provide access to a curated database of historic venues, allowing you to browse through various options based on your specific requirements, such as capacity, location, architectural style, and period features. By leveraging a historic venue finder, you can save time and effort in researching potential venues, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined planning process.

Historic Venue Types and Considerations

When selecting a historic venue for hire, it’s essential to consider the type of event you’re hosting and the specific ambiance you want to create. Here are some common historic venue types and factors to consider:

1. Historic Mansions and Estates

These grand residences from bygone eras offer a glimpse into the lives of the elite and can provide a regal setting for your event.

2. Historic Theaters and Opera Houses

With their ornate architecture and rich cultural heritage, these venues can add a touch of elegance and drama to your event.

3. Historic Museums and Art Galleries

Surrounded by priceless artifacts and masterpieces, these venues offer a unique and culturally enriching backdrop for your event.

4. Historic Castles and Forts

Steeped in history and architectural grandeur, these venues can transport your guests to a bygone era and create a truly memorable experience.

5. Historic Barns and Farms

With their rustic charm and pastoral settings, these venues can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your event.

Considerations for selecting a historic venue may include its period features, architectural style, preservation efforts, accessibility, and any restrictions or guidelines for hosting events.

Event Planning and Logistics

Once you’ve selected your desired historic venue, it’s essential to plan and coordinate the logistics of your event while respecting the venue’s historical significance. This may include:

1. Preserving the Venue’s Integrity

Adhere to the venue’s guidelines and restrictions regarding decorations, furniture placement, and any alterations to the space.

2. Vendor Coordination

Coordinate with vendors such as caterers, florists, and entertainment providers to ensure they understand and respect the venue’s policies and requirements.

3. Guest Management

Plan for guest check-in, seating arrangements, and any special accommodations that may be required while minimizing impact on the historic site.

4. Accessibility Considerations

Ensure that your event is accessible to all guests, taking into account the venue’s architectural features and any necessary accommodations.

Vendor Selection and Management

Choosing the right vendors can significantly impact the overall success of your event at a historic venue. Consider the following when selecting vendors:

1. Catering

Research caterers with experience in historic venues and those who prioritise locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to complement the venue’s historical context.

2. Entertainment

Hire performers or engage in entertainment options that align with the venue’s historical period or cultural significance.

3. Decor and Rentals

Work with vendors that offer period-appropriate decorations and rentals that enhance the venue’s historical ambiance without compromising its integrity.

4. Photography and Videography

Hire professionals skilled in capturing the unique charm and architectural details of historic venues.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Establishing a realistic budget is crucial when planning an event at a historic venue. Consider the following factors:

1. Venue Rental Fees

Research and compare the rental fees for various historic venues, taking into account any additional charges for services or amenities.

2. Vendor Costs

Factor in the costs for catering, entertainment, decor, and any other vendor services you require that align with the historic venue’s guidelines.

3. Preservation and Maintenance Costs

Some historic venues may require additional fees or donations to support their ongoing preservation and maintenance efforts.

Legal and Preservation Requirements

Depending on the size and nature of your event, as well as the historic significance of the venue, you may need to consider legal and preservation requirements, such as:

1. Permits and Licenses

Research any necessary permits or licenses required for hosting events at the historic venue, such as noise permits or special event permits.

2. Historic Preservation Guidelines

Familiarise yourself with any guidelines or restrictions set by local preservation organisations or historical societies to ensure compliance.

3. Insurance and Liability

Consider obtaining event liability insurance to protect yourself and the historic venue in case of accidents or damages.

Promotion and Marketing

Promoting your event at a historic venue can help create excitement and appeal to a broader audience. Consider the following strategies:

1. Storytelling and Historical Context

Incorporate the venue’s rich history and cultural significance into your event’s promotional materials and marketing campaigns.

2. Social Media and Online Promotion

Leverage social media platforms and online event listings to showcase the unique charm and architectural details of the historic venue.

3. Collaborative Promotion

Partner with local historical societies, preservation organisations, or cultural institutions to cross-promote your event and reach a wider audience.

Day-of Coordination and Venue Etiquette

On the day of your event, it’s essential to have a solid coordination plan in place to ensure a smooth and seamless experience while respecting the historic venue’s integrity. Consider the following:

1. Venue Setup

Arrive early to oversee the setup process and ensure everything is in place according to the venue’s guidelines and your specifications.

2. Vendor Coordination

Work closely with your vendors to ensure they adhere to the venue’s policies and minimise any potential impact on the historic site.

3. Guest Management

Assign designated staff or volunteers to assist with guest check-in, seating arrangements, and provide guidance on appropriate venue etiquette.

Post-Event Wrap-up and Preservation

After the event, it’s important to ensure a proper wrap-up and continue supporting the preservation efforts of the historic venue. Consider the following:

1. Venue Restoration

Ensure the venue is left in the same condition as it was found, adhering to any cleanup requirements outlined in the contract.

2. Preservation Contributions

Consider making a donation or contributing a portion of the event proceeds to support the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the historic venue.

3. Feedback and Reviews

Share your experience and provide feedback to help improve the venue’s event offerings and preservation efforts for future events.

Historic Venue Booking Checklist


– [ ] Determine the type of event and desired historical ambiance
– [ ] Research and compare potential historic venues
– [ ] Consider venue amenities, capacity, location, architectural style, and historical significance
– [ ] Check availability and book the desired historic venue
– [ ] Review and understand the venue’s policies, contracts, and preservation guidelines
– [ ] Coordinate with vendors and communicate venue requirements
– [ ] Obtain necessary permits, licenses, and event insurance
– [ ] Promote the event through storytelling, social media, and collaborative promotion
– [ ] Develop a day-of coordination plan with vendor coordination and guest management
– [ ] Ensure proper venue restoration and consider contributing to preservation efforts

By following these steps and considerations, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect historic venue and hosting a truly memorable event that celebrates and preserves our cultural heritage.

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