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9 excellent reasons why you should choose an academic venue for your next company event

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Academic Venue - Pembroke College

If you’re looking for a corporate venue with a difference, take a look at the world of education. At Function Fixers, we have a large selection academic venues on our database, ranging from quaint Oxbridge colleges full of historic charm all the way to ultra modern purpose built conference centres offering cutting edge facilities. To find out more about any of them, why not contact us on 020 7186 8686 today?

Educational facilities have come a long way from the humdrum classrooms of old. These days, academic venues are more than making the grade as desirable corporate event spaces that companies and organisations love to book.

Not sure if academic venues are for you? Here are 9 excellent arguments to convince you.

1 – Value for money

Value for money is the top criteria for booking a conference. Since the cost of the facilities is supported by the establishment’s core educational business, universities and colleges are able to offer exceptionally competitive cost packages.

2 – Flexibility

As teaching institutions, academic venues offer extremely flexible spaces, with different room layouts and furniture arrangements that are suitable for all sorts of corporate event requirements.

3 – Availability

Many universities have dedicated conference facilities with limited availability for commercial hire. However, outside of term time, the choice of available venues for conferences, meetings and events increases massively.

4 – Networking

Universities are places for designed for large groups of people to meet and network. To this end, many educational establishments come with excellent facilities for breaking out and socialising – a key requirement for many event organisers.

5 – AV/IT

Unlike many hotels and other types of venue, typical university conference facilities include audiovisual equipment and free WiFi as standard. This is a cost effective and convenient solution, and usually comes with on-site technicians in case you need help.

6 – Choice

From Great Halls to lecture theatres, sports halls to large outdoor spaces, academic venues can offer it all. Whether your event is large or small, formal or informal, a university venue will have the perfect space.

7 – Unique venue

Where would you rather hold your company conference – a standard hotel or conference room or a historic university setting? Academic venues have personality and history, offering unique environments in which to meet and network.

8 – Customer Service

Universities tend to have fairly stable low staff turnover rates, which translates into a more personal, friendly and knowledgeable event management service for commercial clients.

9 – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Last but by no means least, universities and colleges lead the field when it comes to CSR. If you’re after a sustainable venue where waste reduction and green energy is taken seriously, look no further.

Academic Venue - City of Westminster College

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